CSI IPlayer

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Missed CSI on Five?

Don't worry. You can watch CSI, using the Five IPlayer. CSI, which has now expanded into CSI Miami and CSI New York. If your a fan of these shows, and lets face it, who isn't, you can watch full episodes, and full series of CSI, using the Five IPlayer.

The latest series of CSI, season 10, is showing Tuesdays on Five and Thursdays on Five USA. The latest searies, stars Lawrence Fishburn, and is currently at episode 10, Better off Dead.

Here's a quick synopsis for the next episode-

"The CSIs are called to a shoot-out at a gun store involving four people. When a separate murder is later linked to the gunfight, the team must unravel a complicated chain of evidence to get to the truth."

Heres a preview of, Better off Dead-